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Law on the privacy
Like previewed from law n. 196/03, we inform it of how much follows:  We demand only give you personal to the aim to answer to its demand and to later on inform it on innovation and our initiatives of situated.  For the perseguimento of the foretold purposes, they come collected its give you personal in arches to you informed to us and come elaborates to you with the closely necessary modalities to the indicated purposes, also through thirds party.

Taken action of the information that me have been supplied I give to the consent to the treatment from part de the Modern Armentizia Society Agricultural Cooperative of my give to you personal for the purpose that me has been specified.

We moreover remember that to the senses of article 7 of the same code it will be able in every moment to consult, to modify, opporsi or to make to cancel its they give to you writing one email to info@larmentiziamoderna.it


 I authorize to the treatment of give personal transmitted to you to the senses of the law on privacy the 196/03. (Privacy: you read the informative one)


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