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The Cooperative has worked in the cheese product's field since 8th November 1963.  The aim was  to re-unite all the shepherds of the area to protect the quality and the economic value of the native products from the speculation of great companies.

They planned to equip themself with a modern center for the goods treatment but the plan was too ambitiuos and the area economy, mostly based on mining, was too poor to take all the consequences.  The engagement from all the associates and the administrators has allowed the full realization of it. Today  the  company represent their pride.

Through all the years they consolidate their name as a proof of their love for the good things according to the best sardinian tradition. Despite the economic crisis of this field the Cooperative was able to keep  on working and as a matter of fact the number of associate is still around 150 companies.  The bestowals are approximately 5,5 million liters of milk each year and the avarage of the annual  turnover is above 4,5 million euro.

Today, after several transformations and modernizations the Company has caught up a high qualitative standard that makes it one of the best  Sardinian Company in this field.The technological evolution process matchs a fundamental requirement, the always growing need of better sanitary hygienic process for the products.

We are spending a particular attention to the business policy trying to work with the channels of the great distribution but we are heading moreover to the e-commerce. We belive that the electronic commerce can be a valid channel not only from the point of view of the return in terms of revenues but also of our corporate image into the European and world-wide level.
 The cheese factory moreover is equipped with a business sale opened all the year, where all the products can be bought at a cheapper price.  Our expectations?  Much more and many other ambitions.

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